Alexis Ludwig
excoursion in sound



Graneg Sandpapier live @ wgdw - Cologne 07.04.24 (snippet)

Saz mit Nagel (2022)

All sounds in this video were created with a saz. looped through various diy fx i built...
All moving images were shot with a tastentelefon, here, there and everywhere...
Recommendation is listening with headphones.
((( Maximum Volume...)))

corona killed my festival (2022)

recorded on the last day of raut oak fest 2022 but in cologne, due to a corona infection.
All lofi, selfmade diy fx, self electrified guitar...

Der Tag wird kommen... (2021)

A short Reklamefilm of the first Tape of Graneg Sandpapier.
Out now! Edition of 10!
LoFi as usual, this time with diy sampler and a lot of other stuff.
Presented by EREMITENTEAM.

l-c--l  Konzert für Strassenverkehr (2021)

Recorded live in Berufsverkehr on 3rd of july in 2021

BrokenFootTapes Part 2 (2021)

So this is the sunday part of the session. More ElectroDrone than before. This time in stereo, but also extremly lofi on the screen... shot w/ tastentelefon, sounds by diy electronics.
Maximum Volume...

BrokenFootTapes Part 1 (2021)

A few days ago, I found my old loop tapes and wanted to reuse them. So I built up my stuff and started to make this video ... Filmed with my Tastentelefon, LoFi, Mono, DIY!!! Most of the sound comes through a simple selfmade oscillator keyboard.