Alexis Ludwig
excoursion in sound


Graneg Sandpapier:

* the noisy trolley - live @ bruitkasten, Cologne 06.03.2024

"The noisy trolley" is the recording of my part of the show at the famous Bruitkasten concert series in Cologne, runs by impakt. It took place on march 6th, 2024.

My setup is a hammered & bowed guitar, fieldrecordings, some diy sampler and fx and this crazy blue drone synth I made.

It was a lot of fun to play there, also with the other artists this evening:
Aya Masui - Nelly Juesten - Felix Nussbaumer - Leif Berger - Hendrik Eichler - Vasco Furtado

Ensemble Dégénéré:

* Inwieweit Du dein Handeln ins Verhältnis setzt...(2024)


This is an improvisation that we made in the run-up to a concert tour. The lyrics were put together spontaneously, as was the music. There is no mix, no overdub, just a little EQ. All sounds were played live through a few DIY FX and a homemade synthesizer and a hammered/bowed guitar.

Dies ist eine Improvisation, die wir im Vorfeld einer Konzertreise gemacht haben. Die Texte wurden spontan zusammengestellt, ebenso wie die Musik. Es gibt keinen Mix, keine Overdubs, nur ein wenig EQ. Alle Sounds wurden live mit ein paar DIY-Effekten, einem selbstgebauten Synthesizer und einer gehämmerten, bzw. mit einem Bogen bearbeiteten Gitarre eingespielt.

Juliane Meckert: text, voice, inspiration
Alexis Ludwig: sound, text, innovation

Graneg Sandpapier:

* Tra(i)ns(it)(2023)


Tra(i)ns(it) is a compilation of manipulated field recordings that I made on various train journeys over the course of 2023.
Each of the pieces contains 4 tracks with recordings from inside a train, which were altered by a digital synthesizer. This resulted in diffuse soundscapes, some of them were assembled with noises from the Mitropa and from window seats. Sometimes they sound like shimmering noise, sometimes like simple field recordings.
All sounds, with the exception of the alienated piano on the track "Frankfurt-Erfurt 2", were recorded during the train journey and processed directly. The pieces were created entirely during the journey. Quick and dirty.
Maybe I will continue this kind of work future. Who knows?
Between the places.

Graneg Sandpapier:

*SitzBankRecordings (2023)


SitzBankRecordings is the image of an afternoon I spent with my new toy (this droning synth), my guitar and some homemade effects while sitting on the little footbench.
All recordings are chronological and almost unedited. that means, no additional mixing, no overdubs.
Everything is played live on Tuesday 10th of October in 2023.

I understand this work as a clear statement against inhuman behavior in any form, like attacking concertgoers or other oppressive bullshit. stop killing people! be free.... and no asshole!

ensemble dégénéré

* 10MinutenDemonstrationen (2023)

Tape / Digital

all sounds made & recorded in spring/summer 2023 in Berlin/Cologne/inBetween by
ensemble dégénéré
Juliane Meckert: voice, text, trumpet, sings...
Alexis Ludwig: sound, text, fieldrecordings, mix...
Wenn der Wunsch der Vater des Gedanken ist, wer ist dann die Mutter aller Schlachten?

listen here:

Graneg Sandpapier:

* The Sleeping Pill Pt.1 (2023)


this is the most ambient thing i made till now.
i used some digital synth in addition to the diy fx i built and this is the result.
a lot of fieldrecordings, voice & experimental stuff.
there is also an edition of cassettes available, that contains an info-sheet and some sleeping pills...

Der Tag wird kommen... (2022)


recorded at different places between here & there (2006-2021).
sounds from homemade electronics (synth,sampler,fx)
kla4 at ASK, Guitar at Home, TapeLoops, Trumpet in 6 layers,
text inspired by Die Firma (DDR)
/// LoFi & DIY +++




The track contains field recordings made on a walk through the central station of Cologne via Weidengasse and Hansaring and on a winter walk past Sankt Kunibert. From where the bells ring... The rhythm come out of a Korg ddd5, played through diy fx.

Maybe it's LoFi art?

Especially for friends of "Kirchengebimmel"!

Die eigene Wirklichkeit kann nicht geteilt werden​.​.​.  (2020)


recorded at home in august - october 2020 

(the year to forget (G.M.))

guitars, bass, electronics and small amps...

DepressionSession (2021)


Recorded at home in April/May 2021,
All the unhinged and disharmonic sounds and the overdrive are intentional.

Life is no pony farm.

Try to listen to the whole.

Maximum Volume...